The Honest Games Pledge

We pledge to put our players first, and to treat them with respect.
They are esteemed and valued guests in our virtual worlds.

Our games are fairly priced:

A single purchase will get you the complete game experience.
We will never use tiered pricing or separate content into day1-DLC microtransactions.

Our games are complete:

The game shall be finished, and free of defects.
All content will be unlocked and available from the start.

Our games are advert free:

You are free to explore our worlds without distraction.
Our games do not include advertising of any form.

Our games are not gambling:

A slot machine will never determine if you may advance.
We will always give you a fair shot at progress.

Our games are not manipulative:

No manipulation or psychological tricks will compel you to play.
We will always give you the choice of when and how long to play.

Our games are their own reward:

The game is advanced only by your actions within the game.
Never will you have to pay, wait, or advertise to continue.

Never shall we compromise the player’s experience for profit.

We pledge to make honest games.